About Us

Knowing nothing about sewing, we made only ridiculous things: polkadot vests, ill-fitting shirts, and wild trousers and jackets made from old flags. Clothes from these goofy sources became what we called Items of Ridicule.

Then, in the basement of W.S. and Charlene McIntosh, vital civil rights leaders in southern Ohio, we found fabric remnants from the family's groundbreaking 1960s Afrocentric curio store, House of Knowledge. We crafted these into wondrous trousers that caught eyes wherever worn. We called clothes from this rare source Seams Improbable.

When demand grew, we needed reliable fabric sources. Scouring Earth, we found cottons that carried the whimsy of Items of Ridicule and the cultural relevance of Seams Improbable. Honoring these new fabrics and the everyday celebrations in which they're worn, we founded Items of Revelry.

It was just fun until we found serious fabrics; now it's serious fun.